Development Centre

Uncovers employee potential and helps you develop it

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Development Centre will reliably and efficiently identify talents in your company. Comprehensive outputs enable you to determine the potential of individual participants and design an optimal process for their further development. We do it fast and objectively.

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    100% Individual Design

    We create a development centre tailored to your needs. You get answers to specific internal questions.

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    At Least 2 Tests For Each Competency

    We examine each competency through at least two model situations to make the results genuinely reliable.

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    5-12 Participants

    Most often, 5 to 12 employees participate in the development centre. However, you can also use its individual or company-wide version.

Development Centre Provides Objective And Reliable Results

If you want to develop your employees properly, you need to know their skills, potential and competencies. Thus, a development centre is an ideal tool. Its participants perform individual or group tasks, solve model situations, and undergo psychological testing. Consequently, several experts evaluate the results to be as objective as possible. 

The development centre is always individually tailored to your requirements. If you wish, we can include company-specific and professional information, which can be then used to assess the participant’s professional experience. However, you can also apply model situations with a universal assignment (e. g., a presentation on “My most successful project”) to reveal general assumptions. Each competency is assessed in at least two model situations and, if necessary, by a psychological test to ensure the reliability of the results. 

The comprehensive outputs of the development centre will guide you in planning development and training activities so that they are well-targeted and effective. The information you gather will help you target the right employees in the right way. 

How the mBlue Development Centre works 

  • We analyse your goals, expectations and needs. We help you select competencies for evaluation. 
  • We get involved in internal communication so that employees know the purpose of the development centre and what it means for them. 
  • We responsibly prepare the form of the development centre. Its scope relies on your assignment. Most often, the development centre is organised for 5-12 employees. Still, we can set it up for the whole company or, conversely, only for individuals. 
  • If you wish, we can define the development centre for you to run it. In this case, we train your internal evaluators and moderators. 
  • To keep the results as objective as possible, we involve an external evaluator or a psychologist from mBlue. 
  • We provide perfect written output and responsive feedback. 


Our Development Centre

Development Centre is a complex discipline requiring experienced HR professionals. Our experts can guide you through preparation, implementation, and evaluation.

  • RL Marie Hořáková

    Mgr. Marie Hořáková

    Advisory Manager

    HR professional with many years of experience, she is a graduated psychologist and experienced coach and lecturer in human resources. She has worked as HR Director/Manager in banking, construction, technology and IT companies. She focuses on HR development (recruitment and selection, adaptation program, AC/DC, competency models, employee assessment, talent management, diagnostics, etc.). Marie is always looking for the best way to functionally solve the client’s needs. She teaches HR at the University of Economics.

  • Osoby Martin Strnad

    Martin Strnad

    Head of HR Partners

    “Even after more than 20 years of experience in business and people management, I still enjoy interacting with clients and candidates. I like to apply my experience in various fields to successfully recruit and consult on projects, especially in business, construction, finance and consulting.”

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