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Junior DevOps/Data Engineer

We are building the next generation of energy systems powered by intelligent transactive markets, data-intensive analytics services and ubiquitous sensors.As a Junior DevOps/Data Engineer you will closely work with Senior Data Engineering Architect and Machine Learning Engineers to build up our data processing pipelines, deploy machine learning applications into production and support the implementation of our Data Lake and CI/CD tasks. At these early stages of development, your work will have a big direct impact on the future direction of our projects.If you are interested in developing your career in the area where software meets machine learning, this position is a perfect place to start!

  • 30-60 tis. Kč / měs.
  • Hlavní město Praha
Mám zájem o pozici

  • Working closely with Senior Data Engineering Architect and Machine Learning Engineers on implementation of specific functionality pertaining to Data Lake pipelines, machine learning framework, feature stores and models, and their integrations in individual projects
  • Supporting the deployment of machine learning applications into production: release management, CI/CD tasks
  • Maintaining and troubleshooting deployed models and ETL jobs
  • Ensuring a smooth and efficient interoperability between software and machine learning teams
  • Keeping up-to-date with developments in the DevOps, MLOps, and other relevant areas
  • Fostering a culture of continuous learning, open sharing of results and ideas and upholding the scientific and business integrity of our projects
Required skill-set:
  • 1+ year of commercial experience in DevOps/ CI/CD / Data Engineering (good internships count!)
Software/DevOps engineering skills
  • Python
  • Linux, shell scripting
  • Docker, job automation (Jenkins, Airflow)
  • Experience with cloud platforms, advantage if AWS
  • Usage of SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Willingness to keep learning new technologies and gaining domain knowledge
  • Strong communication and problem-solving skills
  • Additional languages: Kotlin, Scala
  • Experience with cloud provisioning automation in Terraform
  • Experience with data streaming-stack (Kafka, PySpark/Flink)
  • Experience with Data/MLOPs tools like Kubeflow/Kubernetes, TFX, MLFlow,
  • Seldon, Metabase…
Location: Prague (remote work possible)
Full-time employment with benefits.