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mBlue nabízí zdarma 1 hodinu poradenství ve strategii a praktických krocích při hledání zaměstnání. Toto poradenství je určenou pouze pro TOP manažery a HR. Poradenství poskytujeme každý sudý týden ve čtvrtek. Věříme, že naše kanceláře Vám umožní dostatečný komfort.

Profesionálové, kteří doporučují TOP a HR Management – poradenství při hledání zaměstnání

Lukáš Havlena, Head of Marketing, OEZ s.r.o.
I thank Radka for my current role, as a Head of Marketing at Siemens company, OEZ. She followed me through the whole interview process, always making sure that both sides of the table are satisfied and up to date. She is kind and empathetic and I thank her that she introduced me to the job I love.
21. června 2018
Martin Smrt, Operation Director, Agmo
Milan was extremely helpful with finding professionals for my team, and also provided me with valuable advice for my personal and professional development. Milan demonstrated very high competence at all times and showed that he has a wide overview of the HR area -- he was able to see things in context and come up with new, interesting ideas. Milan always delivered more than I asked him. It is always a pleasure for me to collaborate with him.
27. února 2013
Filip Caba, Director, Controlling & Planning, Telefónica O2
I can recommend Milan Mahovsky as a proffesional in job searching area. In the course of relatively short cooperation I got a lot of invaluable advices and methods showing me how to tackle the issue of finding new job.
20. ledna 2013
I would like to recommend and highly appreciate approach of mBlue and Milan Mahovský in person. It´s unusual that headhunter and HR consulting firm is providing a candidate with support in organisation and sophisticated plan what to do in searching new job as they did. Milan was gave me valuable advices, consultancy and "manual" with steps to do. Milan is top professional with friendly attitude.
4. srpna 2012
Daniel Votápek, Executive Director ICT Development, KBC Global Shared Services (ČSOB)
I appreciate the professional and pragmatic approach Milan M. will give you. You won't get standard HR consulting services but rather a professional and very personal treatment. He gives you help that fits your situation and helps you to solve your problem.
16. července 2012

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