Employee Surveys

Turn survey information into your competitive advantage

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Want to know whats really going on inside the company? Where do your subordinates see weaknesses, and what are you doing well? In ten minutes, employees can provide you with information that may benefit your company for months to come. As a result, the employee survey will increase employee satisfaction and strengthen your competitiveness.

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    10 Minutes

    An optimal employee survey should take respondents no more than 10 minutes.

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    90 % of Companies

    Almost 90% of European companies conduct employee surveys

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    10 Days

    Employee surveys are tailor-made. We can create a concept in just 10 days.

Employee Surveys
Take You Further

Suppose you want to increase employee satisfaction and get a comprehensive overview of their opinions. In that case, an employee survey is the best tool. A secure environment of anonymised data empowers your people to express themselves openly. A structured evaluation will show where your primary focus should be. It will ensure that the actions taken are targeted and effective 

Every satisfaction survey we prepare is original. It is the only way to provide helpful information. In agreement with you, it can focus on employee engagement and motivation or company culture. Similarly, the survey can answer how your people perceive the company’s position among customers, what complications they encounter in operation and what they think hinders further development. Thus, all you have to do is create an action plan and translate employee feedback into actions that will increase internal satisfaction and bring business success. 

Employee Surveys
Step by Step

We will expertly guide you through employee surveys from initial to final data evaluation. We will map out precisely what you need to find out, design appropriate questions and test them on a pilot group. Consecutively, we will arrange for the distribution of printed or electronic questionnaires. We can also help you with internal communication to ensure that the survey involves as many employees as possible and you get relevant data. Finally, we will analyse the data and present the final report personally. This will, of course, include a draft action plan including priorities. 

  • Micro-surveys 
  • Quickly check employee attitudes 
  • One or two precisely targeted questions 
  • Lightning-fast preparation, implementation and evaluation 
  • Standard surveys 
  • 10/10 rule: approx. 10 questions and 10 minutes to answer 
  • Structured feedback on a specific issue 
  • The basis for a follow-up action plan 
  • Comprehensive coverage 
  • Preparing for data collection 
  • Analysis of the information gathered 
  • Draft Action Plan 

Our Employee
Survey Specialists

All employee surveys are tailor-made. Our experts combine their ability to empathise with the client’s needs with the ability to interpret the data accurately.

  • RL Marie Hořáková

    Mgr. Marie Hořáková

    Advisory Manager

    HR professional with many years of experience, she is a graduated psychologist and experienced coach and lecturer in human resources. She has worked as HR Director/Manager in banking, construction, technology and IT companies. She focuses on HR development (recruitment and selection, adaptation program, AC/DC, competency models, employee assessment, talent management, diagnostics, etc.). Marie is always looking for the best way to functionally solve the client’s needs. She teaches HR at the University of Economics.

  • Blanka square

    Mgr. Blanka Mesárošová

    HR Manager

    I`ve studied Human Resources and been working in the field of HR for 15 years. Since 2012, when I became the first employee of mBlue, my main goal is to build a team and participate in creating the company’s strategy. I help clients with recruitment, headhunting, AC / DC, setting up an adaptation program, career and motivational strategy, talent management or outplacement. I rely on an individual and friendly approach to colleagues, clients or candidates.

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