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    Reviews in Executive Search

    • miroslav-kos

      Ing. Miroslav Kos

      HR Director, HOCHTIEF CZ

      Our cooperation with mBlue began in 2021 in the search for a suitable candidate for the position of division director. From the beginning, I was convinced that we had chosen the right partner. This was fully confirmed, the cooperation resulted in a successful filling of the position in a relatively short time. Even at a time of a very difficult labor market, we subsequently, with the significant contribution of Ms. Valachová, managed to fill another three key positions in the management of the division, plant and project. I appreciate the high professionalism, understanding of our requirements, good estimate of the presented candidates and especially open and proactive communication. I look forward to other jointly implemented projects.

    • hlinková

      Alžběta Hlinková

      HR Manager, ELIT CZ/SK

      We have been cooperating with mBlue since 2013, when Lukáš Faifr became our main partner. During this time we have tried all possible forms of cooperation and mBlue has become our very strong partner in HR. Together we managed to fill both IT positions and important positions in management. If we need to establish a key position for us, I know that I can always turn to Lukáš. His work is precise and very active. I especially appreciate his high level of professionalism both towards us and the candidates, when everything always runs smoothly.

    • Andreas

      Andreas Giebisch

      General Manager, Sonavox Europe

      Based on our cooperation regarding the position of Plant Manager, I can confirm mBlue did a very professional work. They came up fast with several appropriate candidates, with an own comprehensive summary, advise and suggestion. Therefore, we found the right candidate within a very short time with exactly the requirements we had. If we have to search again for a vacant position, I would consult mBlue in any case again.

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    Reviews in Recruitment

    • Sedova Heineken

      Lenka Šedová

      Recruiter & Talent Sourcer, Heineken ČR

      We worked with mBlue to fill the position of SAP consultant, which is not a simple assignment today. Consultant Kristyna Veverkova has been our support all the time, she has a great overview of the market situation and employee requirements. She only recommended relevant candidates to us, which I appreciate because I didn’t have to read the number of mismatched CVs. At the same time, she maintained regular contact even after the recruitment of the recommended employee, thus providing us with important feedback. If necessary, we will definitely be happy to contact this company again.

    • adamova petra

      Petra Adamová


      We have excellent experience with Sandra Kůtková from mBlue. I emphasize the pleasant communication, quick response, obtaining clear information about the candidate after the first interview and the fact that you stick to the plan by mutual agreement. I don’t know anything I’d be unhappy with.

    • Jaroslav Šuvarský

      Jaroslav Šuvarský

      CEO, S-POWER Energies

      We started cooperating with mBlue in recruiting a managerial position, when Martina Knopova helped us find an excellent colleague for the role of CFO. Based on good experience, we also solved a non-recruiting project with mBlue focused on the scope of work and benchmark of market positions, which we reached in the finals. Simona, HR Advisory Partner from mBlue, supervised our application. mBlue is a professional partner not only in the recruitment of TOP managerial and specialist positions, but I also appreciate flexibility and assistance in the area outside recruitment.

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    Reviews in HR Consulting

    • múúú2

      Jaroslav Šafařík


      Cooperation with Ms. Hořáková from mBlue is at the maximum level. Her knowledge and methods of communication are really above standard, she excludes her high professionalism, she can very easily arouse the customer’s feeling that her only desire is to fulfill all tasks and overcome all obstacles that arise. I know it’s your field and of course you say to yourself, “That’s the way we behave, that’s our way of working,” but I’m convinced that it’s a higher level of cooperation and that you’re above the level of your competition. Simply put, you do your job very well and I wanted to tell you.

    • Lenka Pospíchalova

      Lenka Pospíchalová

      HR Manager, Orifarm

      Experts from mBlue have prepared a Development Center for our senior employees. I want to thank Maria Hořáková, Zdeněk Vašek and Kristýna Veverková for their high professional level in the selection of tested competencies, communication with our employees, preparation of the center and training of evaluators. Last but not least, I appreciate the very carefully, professionally and clearly processed outputs and their interpretation for both the participants and the management of our company. The outputs from the Development Center were completely relevant, on their basis we can work on further specific development of our employees. Our experience is clearly positive.

    • Romana Richterová

      Romana Richterová

      HR Manager, Mlékárna Klatovy

      I met Zuzka for training on LinkedIn. I can definitely recommend – the training was factual, understandable and enriched with a lot of interesting advice and tips suitable for practical use. Thank you for yesterday!

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    Reviews in Interim

    • kuncova novavax

      Eva Kuncová

      Finance and HR Director, NOVAVAX CZ a.s.

      At a time of our dynamic growth, we have asked mBlue to quickly deliver project cooperation managers, so-called interim managers, both in the technical field and in HR, quality or purchasing. These were reinforcements that helped manage the expansion of our production plant near Prague. mBlue very quickly provided us with excellent experts who successfully managed their projects. We eventually offered some of them a permanent job. We are glad that now our cooperation with mBlue continues successfully in the field of recruitment.

    • Radek Váňa

      Radek Váňa

      HR Directore, Bobcat

      Milan Vondráček was able to establish very good relations with the hiring managers of our company and understand not only the profiles of the positions held, but also the specific requirements for the candidate’s personality, so that the candidate fits well into the specific environment. We will now use the contacts and experience that Milan gained in our company, even though his interim mission with us has already ended, in a classic supplier relationship, where Milan will be our contact on the other hand in a personnel agency. We believe that knowledge of the environment will significantly improve the quality and efficiency of the recruitment process.

    • Petr Draxler

      Petr Draxler

      HR Director, Fortuna

      Thanks to her rich experience in recruiting qualified IT specialists, Veronika quickly orientated herself in the needs of Fortuna and thus helped us a lot with the provision of interim specialists at a time when our own capacity in this area was limited.

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    Reviews in Recruitment Process Outsourcing

    • hynkova

      Petra Hynková

      Head of HR Business Partners, Unicredit Bank

      We cooperate with mBlue by outsourcing part of the recruitment process within the pre-screening of candidates who respond to job advertisements, and we also use their services to actively address candidates. The cooperation has been going on for 5 years and during that time we have filled hundreds of positions. mBlue consultants have a professional approach, the advantage is their knowledge of the banking sector. The consultants negotiate with the candidates on behalf of our bank and at the same time communicate directly with the line managers. We especially appreciate the stable long-term cooperation and timely filling of positions with quality candidates.

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    Reviews in HR and Recruitment Training

    • Jarmila Dubová

      HR Manager, Jacobs Douwe Egberts

      mBlue has prepared a one-day recruitment skills training for our managers. Marie is an experienced lecturer, with teaching experience at university, she knows the expectations of employees. She combined our recruitment materials with her experience and reality in the job market. Everything was perfectly prepared, including an interesting and entertaining presentation or video with illustrative examples. Based on the positive evaluation of the participants, we are preparing a continuation of the training with mBlue at their request.

    • josef

      Josef Kreische

      Secretary of the Supervisory Board at ČD Cargo, a.s.

      I rate the recruitment skills course positively. I appreciate the detailed study materials, the teaching was divided into individual modules, it was clear and understandable. The entire issue of recruitment was presented in a comprehensible manner and subsequently practiced in practical tasks. I also consider the opportunity to discuss with the lecturer, who supplemented the recruitment issue with a lot of examples from practice, to be very beneficial. I would definitely recommend the course for its pleasant atmosphere and also for Simona Caidler’s helpfulness and willingness.

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    Real People and Real Reasons Why They Were Looking For a Job With mBlue

    • Martin holecek

      Martin Holeček

      Head of AI

      I worked very well with mBlue – I had freedom in terms of phone calls; they always met me and I could count on them to give me good advice. In addition, they personalized the meeting as much as possible, so I was also personally satisfied. In the final, I went through 2 tenders with mBlue for 2 offers, which both proved to be the best for me (against about 5 others).

    • nataly kulata

      Nataly Hlinková

      Project Manager

      I would like to commend Mrs. Theunissen’s approach in this way. I haven’t experienced such a pleasant interview in a long time. They did not ask the questions that are asked in every interview. She tried to go deeper and understand the candidate with a very human approach. That’s why I decided to send this email. Many times a person is happy for positive feedback, which he does not always receive.

    • katerina blaskova

      Kateřina Blašková

      Key Account Manager

      Hello, I want to thank you for arranging employment and at the same time I very much appreciate your care during the entire process of recruitment and selection rounds. I have not yet encountered such a professional approach in cooperation with your company and specifically with Monika Capova.  Thank you again and I wish you much success in the future.

    • Lenka Kalmusová

      Lenka Kalmusová

      HR Manager

      I would like to thank Mr. Strnad for his cooperation so far, I have already signed a contract with Stobart. I would like to appreciate the professional, but especially the human approach not only of Mr. Strnad, but of all mBlue employees with whom I had the opportunity to communicate. And this is what sets you apart from other recruitment agencies.

    • Dana Polivkova

      Dana Polívková

      Chief Accountant

      I would like to thank mBlue, especially Mrs Kubásková and Šuttová. Thanks to their professional and personal approach, I changed my opinion on the services of a recruitment agency. In my search for a new job, they were the only agencies that basically responded to the CV I sent and actively dealt with my work situation with me. In the end, thanks to them, I had two offers, and I hope I chose the right one.