About the mBlue Company

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Connecting the Corporate World with Employee Stories

Our mission is to connect people. In an ocean of human skills, experience, talents and destinies, we are looking for personalities who will be of the greatest benefit to the teams of our corporate customers.  And for job seekers, we look for work environments and teams where they can best fulfil their potential and feel comfortable. We connect the needs of companies with the needs of employees.

In HR terms, this is called recruitment. At mBlue, however, we take a slightly different approach to recruiting and managing people than usual. Experience has taught us that filling a vacancy with a suitable candidate is not enough if it is to result in a successful partnership. To make it really work, something extra needs to be added.

The recruitment process requires a comprehensive approach. The company must have people management systems in place, such as organizational structure, goals, employee evaluation system, development and training. Once we find the ideal employee for a given position, we want them to bring their best to the company and develop their full potential.

mBlue in Numbers

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    300 clients

    We help so many companies find suitable employees and manage them correctly.

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    2000 hires

    So many people have started their next career with us at a new employer.

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    30 experts

    So many people at mBlue care about the satisfaction of our clients.

We Invest in Relationships, Quality and Innovation

Since our founding in 2011, we have established ourselves as a leading HR consultancy. We help both Czech companies and international corporations with their HR issues. Our team consists of the best professionals in the industry and we have developed unique procedures and tools. In our segment, we are the powerhouse in innovation.

We are result-oriented and, for example, as one of the few on the market we guarantee our customers to fill the specified position. However, we also place great emphasis on understanding the needs of our clients, quality of communication, reliability and personal approach. Thanks to this, we manage to cooperate with most of our business partners in the long term and maintain above-standard relationships.

Want to see for yourself? Get in touch or come and visit us. We are looking forward to seeing you.

We Deliver Results And Guarantee Them

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    100% Placement Guarantee

    We guarantee that, in cooperation with you, we will be able to fill the open position.

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    3 - 9 Months Guarantee

    In the event that an employee leaves during this time, we will find you another one free of charge.

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    35 Candidate Resources

    We use resources you may not be familiar with to find suitable candidates.

mBlue Management

  • Osoby Kamil Mahovsky

    Ing. Kamil Mahovský

    General Manager

  • Tereza Kocková V2021

    Bc. Tereza Kocková

    Sales Director

  • Roman tyr kulata

    Ing. Roman Tyr

    Head of HR Partners

  • Moni square

    Mgr. Monika Čápová

    Head of HR Partners

  • Blanka square

    Mgr. Blanka Mesárošová

    HR Manager


    Bc. Markéta Krása

    Marketing Manager


  • Osoby Kamil Mahovsky

    Ing. Kamil Mahovský

    General Manager and Founder mBlue

    Investor and since 2016 General Manager of mBlue. Prior to that, CEO of the manufacturing company FV- Plast for five years, Deputy Director of corporate banking at Česká spořitelna for seven years, Account Manager at the auditing firm AZ-Audit for three years and at the international advertising agency EURO RSCG for two years.

  • Osoby Milan Mahovsky

    Mgr. Milan Mahovský EN

    Founder mBlue

    Founder and until 2016 Director of mBlue. Prior to that, Managing Director and co-owner of DRILL B.S. recruitment agency for six years.  Recruitment and HR Manager in today’s Telefonica O2 for four years.

Our Success
Has Strong Roots

  • mission


    We give meaning to recruitment and people management.

  • vision


    We aim to become your first choice of external HR Business Partner. That means the be best in what we do.

  • worth

    Our Values

    Helpfulness, Reliability, Persistance, Open Communication

mBlue Social Responsibility

Helping is our job. We help companies find suitable people for vacant chairs, we help candidates find a job that will fulfill and entertain them. mBlue is aware of its social responsibility in a broader context.

  • vdv s kruhem sedy

    Studies for the Disadvantaged

    We have joined forces with the Committee of Good Will - Olga Havel Foundation, we have decided to support disadvantaged young people on the path to education on a regular and long-term basis.

  • fond s kruhem sedy

    mBlue Volunteering

    Volunteering is an integral part of our corporate culture. This year, too, we have put our hand in peace and helped a visible change. We help with interior maintenance and cleaning the garden in Klokánek in Prague.

  • holecek square

    Sportmen and Inspirers

    We also like to support people who inspire others with their will, life story or overcoming obstacles. One of them is Marek Holeček - a successful climber and life coach in one person.

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Business membership
chambers and associations

We like to be inspired by others and at the same time we want to enrich others with our professional knowledge. That is why we are members of chambers of commerce and associations with those who move their companies forward, expand professional relationships and look for new opportunities.

  • amsp-fin

    Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

  • HST fin

    HST - Chamber Of Commerce Switzerland

  • česko singapurska komora

    Czech-Singapore Chamber Of Commerce