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We guarantee to fill an executive position within 10 weeks

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Our executive search specialists or “headhunters” draw on many years of experience, high expertise and a vast network of contacts. We can, therefore, guarantee to fill even highly qualified positions in record time.

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    100% guarantee

    We guarantee that we can fill the position in cooperation with you.

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    9 months guarantee

    Should the manager leave during this period, we will find you another free of charge.

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    6 to 10 weeks

    This is the average time it takes to fill a position.

Active Recruitment
For Middle And Senior Management

Conventional recruitment works with candidates currently looking for a job and can be approached through advertising. Executive Search (the so-called “headhunting”) deals with a much more difficult situation and represents truly royal HR discipline.

A very limited number of professionals can hold certain leadership positions in the labour market, and they are usually “slotted” for years in advance. Therefore, screening methods and a vast network of professional contacts should be used instead of advertising. Our customers order this service not only when they need to fill a position in the top management of their companies but also as part of labour market monitoring. To keep track of the range of professionals suitable for a particular field currently available on the market.

Our Executive
Search Specialists

Executive Search service at mBlue is run by the most experienced and talented recruiters. They can identify and approach suitable candidates discreetly and tactfully, without losing sight of the results orientation.

  • Honza2

    JUDr. Jan Vymětal

    25 years in Executive Search

    “I consider it a matter of professional honour to find you a director or top manager who will meet your expectations.”

  • Tereza Kocková V2021

    Bc. Tereza Kocková

    10 years in Executive Search

    “Finding a middle and senior management candidate who will meet your expectations is my personal commitment.”


Learn how customers value their experience with recruitment services.

  • miroslav-kos

    Ing. Miroslav Kos

    HR Director, HOCHTIEF CZ

    Our cooperation with mBlue began in 2021 in the search for a suitable candidate for the position of division director. From the beginning, I was convinced that we had chosen the right partner. This was fully confirmed, the cooperation resulted in a successful filling of the position in a relatively short time. Even at a time of a very difficult labor market, we subsequently, with the significant contribution of Ms. Valachová, managed to fill another three key positions in the management of the division, plant and project. I appreciate the high professionalism, understanding of our requirements, good estimate of the presented candidates and especially open and proactive communication. I look forward to other jointly implemented projects.

  • hlinková

    Alžběta Hlinková

    HR Manager, ELIT CZ/SK

    We have been cooperating with mBlue since 2013, when Lukáš Faifr became our main partner. During this time we have tried all possible forms of cooperation and mBlue has become our very strong partner in HR. Together we managed to fill both IT positions and important positions in management. If we need to establish a key position for us, I know that I can always turn to Lukáš. His work is precise and very active. I especially appreciate his high level of professionalism both towards us and the candidates, when everything always runs smoothly.

  • Andreas

    Andreas Giebisch

    General Manager, Sonavox Europe

    Based on our cooperation regarding the position of Plant Manager, I can confirm mBlue did a very professional work. They came up fast with several appropriate candidates, with an own comprehensive summary, advise and suggestion. Therefore, we found the right candidate within a very short time with exactly the requirements we had. If we have to search again for a vacant position, I would consult mBlue in any case again.

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