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Forty HR professionals with an average of 14 years of experience take care of your HR needs at mBlue. We specialise in recruiting highly skilled employees using a proven mix of search methods, an internal portfolio of 100,000 candidates and a sophisticated competency assessment system.

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    3 Days

    That’s how long it takes on average for the first CVs to arrive after the project has started.

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    2 000 Placements

    That’s how many qualified positions we’ve already filled.

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    3 to 5 Months

    This is the guarantee period for our placements.

We Approach Recruitment Differently And Can, Therefore, Guarantee the Best Results

We enjoy recruiting, and it reflects not only in the process but also in the results for our clients.  We think about your needs and design processes and solutions accordingly. You are always looked after by one contact person. We continuously relay market feedback to you and are discreet when necessary.

Our consultants are ready to share their market experience and HR know-how with you. Years of experience have enabled us to develop industry-specific solutions respecting the specifics of each area. We apply our unique practices to IT/Telco, manufacturing, finance, FMCG and retail, pharmaceuticals, construction, and other segments.

The difference between regular staffing firms and us is our consultative approach. We want to know why you need a new employee. We identify how the position fits into the organisational structure and what you expect from the incoming team member in the short and long term. Consecutively, we have a higher success rate - that’s why we offer a 3 to 5-month guarantee on the positions we fill.

For difficult-to-fill positions for which there is a very limited number of candidates on the market, we also involve a specific service called direct search. In these cases, it is most effective to address the selected experts directly with due discretion and tact.

We prefer long-term cooperation on an exclusive basis. This allows us to look deeper into the position and use more resources to find the right candidate.

Tailored recruitment approach and pricing

Recruitment Fast and Efficient

Recruitment Lite
As CV Search, plus additional services:
  • Telephone Prescreening of Selected Candidates
  • Brief summary from Prescreening + CV of Selected Suitable Candidates via Email
  • Coordinating Interview Process

Top Tier Talent Acquisition

Recruitment Premium
AsRecruitment Lite,plus additional services:
  • We coordinate the entire process
  • We engage 35 sourcing channels to find candidates
  • Detailed hour-long personal interviews
  • Psychodiagnostics
  • Structured evaluation of candidates
  • We will create a written job offer for the finalist

Our Recruitment Specialists

Experienced recruiters are in charge of recruitment services at mBlue. They can effectively find, approach and evaluate suitable candidates.

  • Moni square

    Mgr. Monika Čápová

    Head of HR Partners

    I have been working at mBlue since 2015, currently as Head of HR Partners. With my team, I focus mainly on recruiting roles for middle and senior management for clients in the field of production and services. I am a big supporter of systematic deepening of expertise, in mBlue I lead the project of internal training of employees and mBlue academy for newcomers.

  • Roman tyr kulata

    Roman Tyr

    Head of HR Partners

    After two decades in internal HR, I use my experience and focus on the development of my team at mBlue. I like to use my knowledge in the field of FMCG, production or transport, where I worked as an HR Business Partner. At mBlue, I verified that it is possible to connect the internal world of HR with the external one, because at mBlue we can find personalities for corporate customers who will be of greatest benefit to them and best utilize their potential.


Learn how customers value their experience with recruitment services.

  • Sedova Heineken

    Lenka Šedová

    Recruiter & Talent Sourcer, Heineken ČR

    We worked with mBlue to fill the position of SAP consultant, which is not a simple assignment today. Consultant Kristyna Veverkova has been our support all the time, she has a great overview of the market situation and employee requirements. She only recommended relevant candidates to us, which I appreciate because I didn’t have to read the number of mismatched CVs. At the same time, she maintained regular contact even after the recruitment of the recommended employee, thus providing us with important feedback. If necessary, we will definitely be happy to contact this company again.

  • Franková

    Iveta Franková

    HR Manager, AERO Vodochody

    We established cooperation with mBlue in 2021, and since then we have managed to fill several specific positions in the field of aviation. I really appreciate Lucie Mašková’s approach to individual positions, her understanding, professional and pleasant communication. I appreciate her approach to candidates and passing on feedback on current recruitment developments. We will definitely be happy to continue our cooperation.

  • Vlasta Paáchová

    Vlasta Páchová

    HR Business Partner, České Radiokomunikace

    The cooperation with Terka Kocková and her current employer, the personnel agency mBlue, is absolutely great. I appreciate the quick communication, the absolute professionalism of the negotiations and the delivery of real experts to the given position. I really appreciate this cooperation.

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