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Find out if your HR department functions optimally and can compete in the market. Our experts will review your HR processes, identify potential bottlenecks and propose solutions. All this with one goal in mind: to set up HR activities in a way that is effective and helps improve the entire company’s performance. 

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    We guarantee you will find the optimal HR solution you will be satisfied with.

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    9 out of 10 people report saving HR-related costs thanks to our services.

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    Most customers express satisfaction with our HR services, and ⅔ of them use them repeatedly.

HR Audit Checks
HR Processes

Our specialists analyse the HR department’s performance and compare it to the market. By doing so, we will uncover the strengths and weaknesses of each HR area. The audit focuses on information systems, remuneration and benefits, human relations, safety, equal opportunities, HR involvement in strategic decision-making, recruitment and selection, and employee training and development. 

Consecutively, we propose a set of measures to make your employees feel good at work, achieve the best results and spread the company’s good name. Satisfied, motivated, high-performing and loyal employees will contribute to your company’s growth. At the same time, the costs associated with high turnover and low productivity will fall steadily.  

You can take advantage of our one-off consultations, systematic process setup, and complete HR services outsourcing. 

  • Recruitment Optimisation

    We set up an optimal recruitment process and train both management and HR departments in recruitment techniques and skills.
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  • Onboarding

    The first days on the job determine the relationship a new employee forms with your company. We can teach you how to conduct onboarding to make the best first impression.
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  • Organisation Structure

    New company owner, recent acquisition or merger. These are typical situations where you need to re-set the organisational structure and define the respective roles.
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  • Jobs Descriptions and Competency Models

    We can help you describe job roles and define employee responsibilities to ensure that everything fits together logically and everyone understands their responsibilities.
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  • Efficient Use of Capacities

    Do your employees work efficiently? Do you know what performance standards are expected for particular positions? We can help you set performance benchmarks and drive employees to greater efficiency.
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  • Setting Targets and KPIs

    We can advise you on setting goals for individual employees that are meaningful, relevant and deliver the most significant benefit to the company.
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  • Employee Evaluation

    We can teach you how to evaluate employees, conduct appraisal interviews, and give employees feedback on their work.
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  • Remuneration

    We can help you design a reward system motivating enough for people and as cost-effective as possible for the company.
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  • Training and Development

    We can prepare a training program for your employees to increase their competencies and help them face future challenges.
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  • Outplacement

    We can assist you in managing the redundancy process so that employees leave on good terms and even help build your company’s image as a good employer.
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Our Speecialists
in HR Audit

Get the care of the best professionals in mBlue colors with decades of experience and experience.

  • Osoby Kamil Mahovsky

    Ing. Kamil Mahovský

    General Manager and Founder mBlue

    Investor and since 2016 General Manager of mBlue. Prior to that, CEO of the manufacturing company FV- Plast for five years, Deputy Director of corporate banking at Česká spořitelna for seven years, Account Manager at the auditing firm AZ-Audit for three years and at the international advertising agency EURO RSCG for two years.

  • Simona Caidlerová 300×300 px

    Mgr. Simona Caidlerová

    HR Advisory Partner

    Experienced professional in the field of human resources management and internal communication. She learned what she can do today in large companies such as Coca-Cola or Ahold (today Albert), but she also gained a lot of knowledge and skills from working in smaller companies, for example when she participated in the founding and development of a smaller recruitment agency. Her specialty is auditing and setting up various HR processes and internal communication, but she can also apply her experience in other projects. In addition to working in HR, he studies data analysis.

  • Ludmila Fatkova kulata

    Ing. Ludmila Fatková

    HR Advisory Partner

    Specialist in HR processes. She gained experience mainly in an engineering production companies. During her practice, she encountered recruiting, training employees, setting up a compensation system or setting KPI’s. She also participated in leading international projects focused on company strategy and internal communication. She is currently developing her skills mainly in the field of coaching.

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