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Assessment Centre represents an effective method for selecting new employees or deciding who to promote. It allows you to know all candidates comprehensively and objectively compare their performance. You can utilise capable team members motivated to contribute to the development of your company. At the same time, you reduce turnover and labour costs.

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    Faster by 30%

    Candidate selection is significantly faster than with multi-round selection procedures. You can compare all candidates in real-time.

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    Up to 50% More Reliable Selection

    Increases the probability of selecting a suitable candidate by half. Multiple assessors compare the performance of candidates in a range of real-life situations.

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    Used by 41% of companies

    The survey has shown that 41% of companies in the Czech Republic rely on assessment centres.

Assessment Centre Provides
Objective and Reliable Results

25 years of experience have confirmed that the assessment centre is the most accurate and effective method of selecting employees. Using model situations, we can reveal the practical skills of individual candidates. Their competencies and motivations are examined by psychodiagnostic tests, and their results are always interpreted by an experienced psychologist. As a result, you can select the right candidate and guide and adapt them in a targeted way during the testing period. Assessment Centre can also help you decide who to promote, facilitate the creation of development plans and determine the right direction for succession. 

The specific form of the Assessment Centre is always tailor-made. We combine various methods to take complete account of your situation. A group of assessors analyses and compares the performance of each candidate. You can apply the same principle to a single candidate: you get substantially more comprehensive information about them than from a personal interview alone. 

We recommend the Assessment Centre primarily when recruiting salespeople, call centre specialists, customer & shared services employees, administrative staff or trainees. We emphasise assessment centres for salespeople, managers and senior corporate positions. 

Four Pillars
of the mBlue Assessment Centre

We examine the candidate’s behaviour, personality, knowledge, skills, and motivation during each Assessment Centre. Where appropriate, we choose online tools that minimise costs. 

The personality of the applicant  

  • Psychodiagnostics 
  • Observation
  • Emotional Intelligence Test 

Candidate’s behaviour 

  • Self-presentation 
  • Observations in model situations 
  • Interview

Knowledge and skills

  • Professional tests 
  • Case studies 
  • Written model situations 

Candidate’s motivation 

  • Interview
  • Self-presentation 

Our Specialists
in Assessment Centres

Every assessment centre we prepare differs. We always take into account the company’s specific needs when designing it. Our experienced experts are ready to respect the specifics of your company and find you the best employees.

  • Simona Caidlerová 300×300 px

    Mgr. Simona Caidlerová

    HR Advisory Partner

    Experienced professional in the field of human resources management and internal communication. She learned what she can do today in large companies such as Coca-Cola or Ahold (today Albert), but she also gained a lot of knowledge and skills from working in smaller companies, for example when she participated in the founding and development of a smaller recruitment agency. Her specialty is auditing and setting up various HR processes and internal communication, but she can also apply her experience in other projects. In addition to working in HR, he studies data analysis.

  • Ludmila Fatkova kulata

    Ing. Ludmila Fatková

    HR Advisory Partner

    Specialist in HR processes. She gained experience mainly in an engineering production companies. During her practice, she encountered recruiting, training employees, setting up a compensation system or setting KPI’s. She also participated in leading international projects focused on company strategy and internal communication. She is currently developing her skills mainly in the field of coaching.

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