How to look for a job

and negotiate the best working conditions

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Where to look for a job, what to write on a CV or how to prepare for a job interview? And how do you choose a job that you will find fulfilling and look forward to? Learn advice from experienced recruiters that can get you not only a signed contract, but also higher pay and better working conditions.

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Where To Look
For a Job?

When looking for a new job today, people most often use job sites advertising vacancies. But of course there are more options. You can monitor the websites of companies you would like to work for - see if there are any new positions in the "Careers" section. It's also worth paying attention to the company's social media accounts (LinkedIN, Facebook, etc.) - there may be a staffing requirement there as well. The same applies to specialised professional groups and discussion forums. The help of recruitment agencies can also be valuable, as they also usually post job advertisements. The really good ones will also provide you with a specialist consultancy service that can help you win the selection process. 

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How Can a Recruitment Agency
Help Me In My Job Search?

The main advantage of a good recruitment agency is that it will provide you with background information on the company you want to get a job with. How does the company and the position work? Is it a new job or a replacement for someone who is leaving? Who will be my supervisor, what is the structure of the department, who has what authority? What can I do to impress the company representatives? These are just some of the questions that a staffing agency will help you answer so you can gain a competitive advantage over other candidates. In addition, some recruitment companies have such a good reputation among companies that just the fact that you apply through the agency can mean a few extra plus points.  

E-book: How To Look For a Job

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You will be guided through the job search process by the recruiters themselves - the people who make the hiring decisions. They will teach you what mistakes to avoid, what to prepare for and how to make the best possible impression.

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Setting up your mProfile will take a few minutes at most. It gives you priority access to new job offers and valuable advice.

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    In mProfile, you specify the position, location and pay rate - and we'll offer you the current vacancies accordingly. Even if you're not looking for a job, you can use mProfile to monitor how wages are moving in your profession. And keep an eye out for the moment when a really attractive opportunity arises.

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    mBlue database collects job offers from more than 300 companies. As soon as we receive a request to fill a job position matching your mProfile, we'll let you know before we post the ad. And we'll do it in the way you choose in your mProfile - by email, by message, however you want.

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    When you create your mProfile, you will receive an e-book called "How to look for a job" as a gift from us. In it you will find many useful tips and advice on what mistakes to avoid when looking for a job and how to get the position you want. We can also help you choose the right strategy or provide career advice.

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How To Prepare
For the Selection Procedure

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    Give enough care to your CV

    A CV is the first step on the road to your dream job. An inappropriate photo, irrelevant information or illogical structure can mean you won’t be invited to an oral interview at all. So really take care with it. Tailor your CV to the position you are applying for. Focus on experience and achievements from the last 10 years and be sure to match the information to your LinkedIn profile. Be sure to keep it up to date, keep in touch, get references. When writing your CV, try to convey as much as possible in a small space. Recruiters don’t have time to read novels, so you really need to highlight the essentials and make it engaging in a few sentences. 

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    Show your motivation and find out as much as you can about the company

    For senior positions, the main criteria are demonstrable management skills and experience in a given industry or market segment. However, motivation is also the most important factor. Companies don’t want to hire someone who just wants to try something new and doesn’t have a good story about why they want to do the job. This requires perfect preparation. Study the company’s website, social media, or annual reports beforehand and use the information at the appropriate time during the interview.  

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    Be pleasant and helpful during the interview

    Arrive early for your appointment to allow time to make final adjustments. At the interview, be confident, smile and don’t be afraid to show what you’ve done. Give examples in your answers. Too brief answers, but endless stories don’t work well either. Try to accommodate the other party. If your counterpart is rather quiet, your noisiness and grand gestures will put him off. And vice versa. Always speak respectfully about your previous employers and prepare in advance what you want to ask. 

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    Don’t be afraid of the assessment centre

    Assessment centres can sometimes make candidates apprehensive, but try to approach them as a game and you’ll feel better in no time. You may also feel more at ease if you realise that participants are being assessed against pre-determined criteria, rather than simply being compared against each other. So don’t see it as a fight to the death. A positive and open attitude is the key to success. The assessment centre begins with an introduction of the participants, followed by individual and team (role-play or written) activities, and often written psychological tests are involved.Don’t be afraid to ask well in advance what to expect and whether you can prepare for anything. 

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    We can help you prepare for the selection process

    Want to find a better job? Our recruiters will advise you during a one-to-one consultation on how to make it to the final rounds of the admissions process and succeed. Professional advice will help you get a good job faster and negotiate a higher salary. It‘s an investment that will pay you back many times over. 

    How the consultation takes place: 

    • You will discuss your ideas about the future direction of your career with a consultant. 
    • They will advise you on how to improve your existing CV. 
    • It will help you prepare a quality cover letter. 
    • They will teach you strategies on where to look for the best job and how to read between the lines of a job advert. 
    • They will reveal tips and tricks for interviews, assessment centres or negotiating the terms of entry.
    • Consultation of 60 min. for CZK 1 900,- incl. VAT.