A journey into the depths of candidates’ and employees’ souls

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A resume and interview cannot reveal the whole truth about a candidate. Only comprehensive psychodiagnostics allows you to see beneath the surface. As a result, you can improve recruitment and adaptation of employees, discover their strengths and weaknesses, build well-functioning teams and get reliable input data for HR analyses. 

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    20 Years of Practise

    Our psychologists and consultants have more than 20 years of experience in psychodiagnostics.

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    Twice As Reliable Recruiting

    The use of psychodiagnostics can double the reliability of the recruitment process.

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    80% Accuracy

    Most test subjects are surprised at how accurately the psychodiagnostics have captured them.

Make the Right
HR Decisions

Psychodiagnostics is an ideal tool for HR decision-making. Want to make sure you promote the right person? Do you need to identify talents in your company and plan their development? Do you hesitate between two candidates, and would you benefit from knowing their weaknesses and potential? Psychodiagnostic test kits allow you to describe the personality profile and identify the specific skills of a candidate or employee. They also describe the level of intellect and assess managerial and business competencies. 

We draw on more than 20 years of experience of our consultants and psychologists in testing. They recommend and design a tailor-made test kit. Thus, you get the answer to the questions you are asking. 

Online testing is a very effective way. The TCC online platform we use is fast and convenient for the candidate, and cost-effective for the employer. You receive the results in the form of a concise report, and we would gladly provide expert advice. We can also arrange for the results to be evaluated and interpreted by a psychologist if you wish. 

Our Psychodiagnostic

Get care from the best mBlue professionals with decades of experience and expertise.

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    Mgr. Simona Caidlerová

    HR Advisory Partner

    Experienced professional in the field of human resources management and internal communication. She learned what she can do today in large companies such as Coca-Cola or Ahold (today Albert), but she also gained a lot of knowledge and skills from working in smaller companies, for example when she participated in the founding and development of a smaller recruitment agency. Her specialty is auditing and setting up various HR processes and internal communication, but she can also apply her experience in other projects. In addition to working in HR, he studies data analysis.


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  • Lenka Pospíchalova

    Lenka Pospíchalová

    HR Manager, Orifarm

    Experts from mBlue have prepared a Development Center for our senior employees. I want to thank Maria Hořáková, Zdeněk Vašek and Kristýna Veverková for their high professional level in the selection of tested competencies, communication with our employees, preparation of the center and training of evaluators. Last but not least, I appreciate the very carefully, professionally and clearly processed outputs and their interpretation for both the participants and the management of our company. The outputs from the Development Center were completely relevant, on their basis we can work on further specific development of our employees. Our experience is clearly positive.

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