Interim Management

We can help you manage a capacity crisis or a growth spurt

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Interim Management aids in cases where a manager is unexpectedly absent due to illness, maternity leave or resignation. It is also used in crisis or management change, for example, when ownership changes or growth is too rapid. Within 1 to 3 weeks, we can find an interim expert to assist you in resolving your company’s current situation.

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    100% guarantee

    We guarantee that we will succeed in securing an interim manager.

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    6 to 12 months

    The Interim Manager becomes part of your company during this period and is present on the agreed days.

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    1 to 3 weeks

    That’s the average time it takes to find an interim manager. IT contractors within 5 days.

Wide Range Of Top Specialists
Available At All Times

Interim Management is a particular discipline requiring the candidate to be flexible and able to learn and achieve results very quickly.

Recruitment of IT contractors, so-called "IT Bodyshopping", is already a standard form of securing experts for time-limited projects. In order to be able to react flexibly, we have our own portfolio of experienced professionals from mBlue, our database, or proven members of CAIM (Czech Association of Interim Management) to respond flexibly. As a result, we can find an HR interim manager or IT contractor for you within 5 days and in other areas within 3 weeks.

The qualified Interim Manager takes on a well-defined leadership role for a temporary period. They become part of your company and are personally involved in running the company on agreed days. The presence of Interim Managers will not only help you overcome a challenging period. Still, you will be able to utilise their know-how from similar projects, sectors or positions.

Our Interim
and IT Bodyshopping Specialists

The Interim Management service at mBlue is provided by experienced HR specialists specialising in this particular area. They can find and approach suitable candidates and promptly bring them to your company.

  • Moni square

    Mgr. Monika Čápová

    Head of HR Partners

    I have been working at mBlue since 2015, currently as Head of HR Partners. With my team, I focus mainly on recruiting roles for middle and senior management for clients in the field of production and services. I am a big supporter of systematic deepening of expertise, in mBlue I lead the project of internal training of employees and mBlue academy for newcomers.

  • Roman tyr kulata

    Roman Tyr

    Head of HR Partners

    After two decades in internal HR, I use my experience and focus on the development of my team at mBlue. I like to use my knowledge in the field of FMCG, production or transport, where I worked as an HR Business Partner. At mBlue, I verified that it is possible to connect the internal world of HR with the external one, because at mBlue we can find personalities for corporate customers who will be of greatest benefit to them and best utilize their potential.


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  • kuncova novavax

    Eva Kuncová

    Finance and HR Director, NOVAVAX CZ a.s.

    At a time of our dynamic growth, we have asked mBlue to quickly deliver project cooperation managers, so-called interim managers, both in the technical field and in HR, quality or purchasing. These were reinforcements that helped manage the expansion of our production plant near Prague. mBlue very quickly provided us with excellent experts who successfully managed their projects. We eventually offered some of them a permanent job. We are glad that now our cooperation with mBlue continues successfully in the field of recruitment.

  • Radek Váňa

    Radek Váňa

    HR Directore, Bobcat

    Milan Vondráček was able to establish very good relations with the hiring managers of our company and understand not only the profiles of the positions held, but also the specific requirements for the candidate’s personality, so that the candidate fits well into the specific environment. We will now use the contacts and experience that Milan gained in our company, even though his interim mission with us has already ended, in a classic supplier relationship, where Milan will be our contact on the other hand in a personnel agency. We believe that knowledge of the environment will significantly improve the quality and efficiency of the recruitment process.

  • Petr Draxler

    Petr Draxler

    HR Director, Fortuna

    Thanks to her rich experience in recruiting qualified IT specialists, Veronika quickly orientated herself in the needs of Fortuna and thus helped us a lot with the provision of interim specialists at a time when our own capacity in this area was limited.

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