Interim Recruitment/RPO

Temporary HR recruitment assistance

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Interim Recruitment and Recruitment Process Outsourcing services can assist your company in overcoming the difficult period when internal HR capacity is insufficient to recruit new employees. Our specialists are ready to immediately offer their experience and find the right employees for you. 

  • 1 Den kulate

    For 1 Day

    That’s how quickly our HR specialist will take over the recruitment agenda in your company. Experienced and professional.

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    1-5 Days a Week

    We adapt to what you need. Our recruiter will work with you one to five days a week.

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    100% Discretion and Experience

    You immediately get an experienced professional to help you through a stressful period.

When Our Own Recruitment Capacity
Is Not Enough

Has the number of positions in demand increased significantly, or has your HR person in charge of recruitment left? Interim recruitment and Recruitment process outsourcing services are the solution! They can help you resolve the temporary situation. External specialists are not only immediately available but also experienced. They can effectively assist you in bridging a stressful period.  

As part of the Recruitment Process Outsourcing, our specialists concentrate on your company as much as you need. Whether it’s just one day a week or a day-to-day job, they cover all the necessary steps in the recruitment process for you. You don’t have to worry about anything, our specialists work directly from mBlue. 

 Interim recruitment is an even more intensive form of cooperation. Our expert becomes an external member of your company and is intensively involved in its operation. The expert usually works directly for you and is, thus, in close contact with line managers to whom he seeks out subordinates. Therefore, the cooperation is more efficient, more operational, and delivers high-quality results. 

We Take Care Of the Entire Process
Or Individual Steps

Within the Interim recruitment and Recruitment process outsourcing services, we can cover the recruitment process as a whole. It’s up to you whether you want complete care, or we will only provide selected steps for you. 

We cover the following areas: 

  • We can help you specify the exact position you are looking for, including the expected competencies and other requirements for the candidate. 
  • We handle the creation and publication of advertising. 
  • We initiate active searches within freely available resources and in our internal database and networking. 
  • We pre-screen CVs and recommend the best candidates for you. 
  • We will conduct interviews and describe each candidate for you in a comprehensive assessment. 
  • We will prepare case studies and organise psychodiagnostic tests for candidates depending on your requirements. 

Our Specialists

Interim recruitment and Recruitment process outsourcing require experienced professionals. Those who will start recruitment activities immediately upon their arrival and, thanks to their expertise, will help your company effectively solve the staff shortage. Meet some of them:

  • Ali square

    Ing. Alica Valachová

    HR Partner

    Being a partner for you even in non-standard situations is a challenge and at the same time a personal commitment for me. I enjoy finding common solutions and finding people for special roles in production, construction or trade.

  • Osoby Martin Strnad

    Martin Strnad

    HR Partner

    “Even after more than 20 years of experience in business and people management, I still enjoy interacting with clients and candidates. I like to apply my experience in various fields to successfully recruit and consult on projects, especially in business, construction, finance and consulting.”

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