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We help Czech and multinational companies to get the best employees on the market. Logically, we apply the same criteria to ourselves. Therefore, we seek the most talented colleagues to maintain the exceptional quality of our services and constantly move forward. 

Who Are We Looking for at mBlue Right Now?

Why Is Working at mBlue Enjoyable?

  • We do meaningful work with visible results.
  • We have a corporate culture based on cooperation, not rivalry.
  • We are a team of smart and sophisticated people.
  • We have a corporate culture based on cooperation, not rivalry.

Benefits - How We
Take care of You at mBlue

Suppose you really know your way around recruitment and HR. In that case, we probably won’t be dazzled by phrases about a dynamic team and English lessons. Sure, we also offer standard corporate benefits; however, we consider how you feel about your day-to-day work to be much more important. And that’s where we believe mBlue’s real strength lies.

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    Great People

    After all, it all starts and ends with people. They determine the overall ambience of the company and the quality of service in customers’ eyes. Thats why we follow the same principles when looking for new colleagues and in internal relations as we do with our clients. We demand helpfulness, reliability, perseverance, and open communication from all people in the team. Sometimes, it is not easy to meet all of these requirements (obvious, none of us is perfect). Still, the very focus of the company on these values brings a beneficial effect. The feedback we receive from newcomers is a testament to this. Everyone appreciates both the high professional level of the team and the friendly mood in the company. 

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    Respect for Your Life

    For a person to do extraordinary work, they need to draw energy from something. That is why we provide all mBlue people with as much space as possible to make meaningful use of their leisure time. Our working hours are flexible and, of course, we offer working from home. Depending on the companys performance, we offer 5 to 7 weeks of vacation. 

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    A Place Where You Feel Good

    You can find mBlue in our new offices right at the Nové Butovice subway station exit. There are many restaurants nearby where you can have lunch or meet colleagues or customers. We work on modern slim notebooks; you can choose a company-operated mobile phone according to your preferences. If you plan to travel to work by car, you can park at the company for half price, mBlue pays the rest. 

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    Professional Development and Education

    When you join us, you will undergo an Induction Programme of a few hours per week for two months. This is followed by regular all-company training sessions, tailored individual education programmes, or language courses. 

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    We Pay Well and On Time

    We value our people and show it through financial rewards. There are, of course, pragmatic reasons – well-paid colleagues do not feel the need to look for work elsewhere. While our remuneration is performance-related, the management and training system is set up to ensure that we all can deliver results. Thats pretty motivating, dont you think? 

Real People and Real Reasons
Why To Join mBlue

What led us to start working in mBlue?

  • teka kocková převrácená

    Bc. Tereza Kocková

    Sales Director mBlue

    My generation mainly wants three things: flexibility, the possibility of growth and development, and meaningful work that we will enjoy. I’ve been with mBlue since 2011 precisely because this allows me to do all this. And also because the company was able to motivate me throughout my gradual transformation from a recent university graduate to a manager of a 9-member, successful team.  In 2022, I was promoted to Sales Director.  I look forward to all the other challenges that mBlue will present to me.    

  • RL Lucka Mašková 450X450

    Lucie Mašková

    HR Partner mBlue

    I joined mBlue in 2018 after graduating from university with zero recruitment experience. At the beginning, I was in charge of selecting suitable candidates, prescreening them and communicating with them throughout the selection process. I knew that mBlue was the right choice right after joining the company. There is a pleasant atmosphere, I was not thrown into the water without preparation, but I gradually learned everything and my start was facilitated by the excellent Induction Program in the first two months. I !ve got promoted to HR Partner in 2022.

  • RL Marie Hořáková

    Mgr. Marie Hořáková

    HR Consulting, mBlue

    When I was looking for a job in internal HR management positions after 20 years, I thought about what to do next. I longed for work that would be interesting, variable, with a maximum degree of freedom and flexible working hours, so that it could be combined by lecturing at the University of Economics. This is exactly the kind of job I found in vmBlue and with a bunch of books I got wonderful colleagues and a friendly environment.