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We find you experienced and qualified employees

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Agency employment helps wherever you can’t or don’t want to hire an employee but need an experienced worker. We specialise in senior positions where relevant education, language skills and experience are expected.

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    1 Week

    This short time is enough for us to provide you with an experienced worker.

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    0% Increase in Headcount

    There are situations where you cannot increase the number of employees. The ideal solution is agency employment.

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    Zero Recruitment Risk

    With agency employment, there is no risk of choosing the wrong worker. You save time and costs.

Flexible And Reliable

Starting a time-limited project? Or perhaps you need to enhance your team but have reached the maximum number of staff that HQ will allow? That’s where you’ll appreciate this service. Because we can hire the right person for you!

We approach agency employment differently than is expected in the market. We focus on senior positions requiring appropriate education, language skills and experience. Of course, we take care of all the legal requirements and provide your agency person with an employment contract and the required facilities if necessary.

The most frequent users of agency employees are clients for whom we also provide other activities, such as recruitment. However, if you require this service independently, we will gladly offer it to you.

Why Agency Employment With mBlue

  • We specialise in more specialised positions, so we can provide you with employees who match your requirements in terms of education, experience and language skills.
  • We assume the employer’s obligations. Of course, we comprehensively cover the legislative requirements and provide employees with equipment if you wish.
  • You get maximum flexibility. An agency worker is ideal for time-limited projects or when you can’t increase your headcount. You can even assign an entire team to us.
  • It often happens that agency employees gradually become your tribal employees. Without risk, you can check their contribution to the company and then employ them if necessary.
  • We are licensed by the General Labour Office of the Czech Republic, which is necessary for this type of service.

Our Agency Employment

Agency employment is not just about finding the right people. Just as important is an overview of all the employment obligations with this flexible tool. With our experts, we can ensure that both aspects are precisely covered.

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    Ing. Alica Valachová

    HR Partner

    Being a partner for you even in non-standard situations is a challenge and at the same time a personal commitment for me. I enjoy finding common solutions and finding people for special roles in production, construction or trade.

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    Mgr. Simona Caidlerová

    HR Advisory Partner

    Experienced professional in the field of human resources management and internal communication. She learned what she can do today in large companies such as Coca-Cola or Ahold (today Albert), but she also gained a lot of knowledge and skills from working in smaller companies, for example when she participated in the founding and development of a smaller recruitment agency. Her specialty is auditing and setting up various HR processes and internal communication, but she can also apply her experience in other projects. In addition to working in HR, he studies data analysis.

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