Jan Šlajcher

Firma Erwin Junker Grinding Technology, a. s.

Pozice HR Manager

Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/jan-%C5%A1lajcher-b7636379/

Datum 24. května 2018

I have been cooperating with Tereza Kockova/ The mBlue company close to 1,5 years and they have always been able to deliver high qualified candidates according to our needs. I do as well appreciate the open communication, trust and human touch, which I do consider as essentials enabling us reaching set targets. It was never my aim to have a wide portfolio of no name companies solving our recruitment, but just a minimum number of those we can rely on. Tereza and the mBlue company are definitely one of them and I do hope in future cooperation, covered positions, assigned candidates, this in general resulting in both companies satisfaction.

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