Executive Search and Headhunting
in the Czech Republic

“The mBlue’s Executive Search service is far more than just a service. It is the company’s on-going commitment and it is also my personal commitment to help you find a director, a manager, or an experienced specialist you will be satisfied with,” says the Managing Director of mBlue, Milan Mahovský.

One of the key changes in a company is hiring a new Manager and with respect to further development of your firm it is a significant step. However, the process of recruiting a Senior Specialist can become a nightmare for management and HR executives, too.  Replacing the current Manager  or Specialist is both challenging and also very sensitive.

To resolve your current situation, you might consider filling the position temporarily with an interim manager or crisis management specialist.
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We at mBlue understand your needs, and are ready to provide all the support to resolve your staff issues individually and in the best way.

Executive Search service may include:

If you are interested in Executive Search & Headhunting services in the Czech Republic, you may contact us via e-mail milan@mblue.cz (Milan Mahovsky, mBlue director), phone call +420 602 609 592 or use contact form in the footer.

  • Assistance in defining the position requirements, in collaboration with the company´s HR Manager and Executive Manager, or the company’s senior management.
  • Co-ordination of the recruitment process.
  • Project status reporting, usually prepared on a weekly basis, providing information who and from which company is considered or addressed for the position in question.
  • Reference checks – with prior candidate’s consent, if possible and with due respect to confidentiality, the service includes the employment record and information check at the candidate´s current and former workplaces with three contacts supplied by the candidate: the superior, subordinate and colleague.
  • Guidance or consultation in negotiations of compensation, salary and benefits with the selected candidates. This usually comes in the final stages of co-operation with the assigned mBlue´s Key Account Manager.
  • This service might also include assessment of the candidates recommended by your firm, either as a group or individual at an Assessment Center, or additional evaluation of the candidates using case studies, expertise testing and psychodiagnostic methods.

Identification of suitable candidates

Through Executive Search service, professionals at mBlue identify the suitable candidates and approach them using traditional ways of direct contact or networking. Other recruitment methods including modern approach through social networking sites are also applied (if, for reasons of discretion and confidentiality, all options can be used).

By combining the methods described above we cumulate advantages and eliminate pitfalls of the recruitment process, reaching desirable results rapidly, effectively and comprehensively.

Direct Search (Headhunting)

Direct Search is a traditional recruiting method that involves mapping of the relevant job market segment resulting in a long list or short list of companies in which possible candidates of required profiles work. Relevant candidates are discreetly approached later. Professionally delivered job offer can capture attention of the candidates who may start considering a change in their professional career.

  • Advantages: Maps the market, identifies candidates working in similar job positions.
  • Limitations: Highly time-consuming process, does not reach candidates who might have already left their positions, candidates on maternal leave, or those who have transferred to different market segment. The chosen candidates may not feel the need or be motivated enough to consider new opportunities and change their position, or they expect high pay rise.

mBlue Database

Carefully built database using cutting edge technologies that provides unique source and categorisation of candidates at such level which makes it our competitive advantage.

  • Advantages: Speed, actual contact data of the candidates
  • Limitations: Does not list all the relevant candidates

Professionals databases

Through professional organizations and management associations we have an access to the databases they keep.

  • Advantages: Complementary job search method for specific positions, it may be crucial and quick source of candidates
  • Limitations: Can be used only for certain types of positions


We place creative advertisements to www.mblue.cz, job servers, or other special websites. We also use advertising in daily newspapers and professional magazines upon agreement with the client.

  • Advantages: Motivated candidates and it is quick method
  • Limitations: Often irrelevant candidates, or lack of candidates


Recommendation given by candidates who have good experience with mBlue and its staff is an important resource of candidates. Each person knows many other potential candidates who have similar professional experience. Even you would welcome information about interesting job opportunities from people you trust.

  • Advantages: Highly relevant candidates
  • Limitations: Does not cover the market, provides insufficient number of candidates

Internet and social networking sites

Looking for relevant candidates through social networking sites is a phenomenon of the last few years and it has already become an equally valuable source of candidates as traditional methods.

  • Advantages: Possibility of pre-selection of recruited candidates
  • Limitations: Limited number of candidates, namely in the range of certain types of positions, difficulties in gaining the persons contact

Conditions of a successful Executive Search project

The key factor of a successful recruitment is a consensus over the set of predetermined criteria among all managers who participate in the selection process. A vital prerequisite for efficient and successful recruitment is a meeting of mBlue’s Key Account Manager, the client’s HR Manager and the CEO, or possibly the future superior of the position in search.

The key factor in evaluation of candidates is speed, i.e. a rapid feedback from the client. In case the executive search project does not seem to bring a specific candidate in about 4 or 6 weeks, we recommend a second meeting, where mBlue provides presentation of all interviewed candidates, joint analysis of the market and suggests adjustments to the short list of companies. In case we redefine the requirements, we always adjust the long list of companies.

Who in mBlue is responsible for my project?

In mBlue, you´ll find a stable partner, your assigned Key Account Manager (KAM). Milan Mahovský, mBlue´s  Managing Director, acts as a consultant for KAM as well as for you and he oversees the quality of each executive search project. The identification of candidates is also responsibility of the Researcher.

For comparison our and usual approach: see definition http://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Headhunting

If you would like to know more, we will be pleased to arrange to visit you. Simply send us a non-binding enquiry or book a free 1-hour consultation.

Professionals who recommend the mBlue’s Executive Search

Bohuslava Adamová, Supply Chain Manager Central Europe, JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS
Blanka is one of the few recruiters I can recommend with absolutely clear conscience. She and mBlue have done a terrific job in helping us in very uneasy recruiting tasks, organizing assessment centers and testing the candidate´s hard skills. Blanka has been a reliable partner for me, doing the utmost to satisfy the requirements that I was placing on the positions in search. She has always behaved in very open and professional manner, and was delivering right profile candidates on time.
August 17, 2015
"Over the two years of collaboration with Zuzka, I have found an expert and reliable partner in her, who regularly delves into a difficult search for talents with us. What I appreciate most in her, is her empathy, candidness, enthusiasm and correctness and reliability above all. You can count on everything she says."
August 10, 2015
Since we have started to cooperate I fully appreciate Eva´s strong focus on customer needs, business sense, understanding of each advertised position and also the company and its culture and friendly (but professional) approach. I find the cooperation very useful and helpful for us. I strongly recommend Eva as a partner for recruiting and headhunting.
April 28, 2015
Eva Hnilicova has a sincere and genuine interest in other people and a strong, intuitive understanding of them. Her drive is altruistic, directed at working for others. It is very beneficial for her Key Account Manager's position. Being Eva's /mBlue/ client was a real pleasure as cooperation on SAP recruitment project was smooth, effective, friendly and very successful. I would like to highly recomment Eva and mBlue for a partnership as based on my experience they provide outstanding service to clients and are always prepared to go the extra mile to fulfill their requirements. I am looking forward to next project!
November 10, 2014
From the client’s perspective, in mBlue’s Executive search service I have encountered professionalism, understanding of the specificities of the position in search and the industry during the process of defining requirements; during realization process also fast order processing and flexible approach coupled with good judgement of presented candidates, and last, but not least friendly attitude. I would like to wish the whole mBlue’s team good luck!
March 31, 2014
Petr Draxler, Group HR Director, GTS Central Europe
I have been employing Milan Mahovsky’s professional skills in the field of “direct search” for more than 10 years, both in my previous job at IBM as well as my current position at GTS. What I appreciate most in Milan and his co-workers is their thorough knowledge of the local market, their professional approach and ability to deal with recruitment of scarce professionals. All open positions that I asked Milan and his colleagues to fill in were filled successfully with quality candidates, and what is more in a timely manner.
February 6, 2014
Marketa Matejkova, Customer Service Manager, Johnson & Johnson
I recommend this product.
October 18, 2013
Miroslav Kral, Managing Partner, MarketUP s.r.o.
I recommend this service.
September 5, 2013
Ales Picl, Country Sales Manager Czech & Slovakia, D-link Europe
I have collaborated with Milan Mahovský several times to recruit staff. What suited me well, was his professional, open and honest, rather informal approach. He holds the ability to clearly advise in requirements determination and in communication. Reporting I obtained during the process of executive search was an added value I was looking for. Finding qualified people in the IT professionals market is quite a tough task and Milan Mahovský has always been a great help to me.
February 6, 2012

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